Experience The Beauty Of desert safari


A safari in a forest or natural park may be compared to a desert safari. A cruise across a desert is all that separates it from the norm. The dunes of the desert are comprised of sand and rise from the ground in various shapes and sizes. As the wind blows, they constantly change positions. Desert storms are also prevalent when the sand is churned up and vision is reduced to nothing.

To go on a desert safari, you’ll need something to handle the sand. This can only be accomplished with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The 4×4 Toyota land cruiser is the most prevalent mode of transportation on these desert safaris. It’s a spacious vehicle that doesn’t get hot, even in the scorching desert, where it may reach up to 50°C in the daytime.

During the sweltering months of May and June, all safaris are put on hold. The desert safari, belly dancing, and food are best enjoyed in the winter months when the weather is cooler. Many shops are available in the hotels where you’ll be staying to book a safari. There are two primary kinds of safaris: land and sea. First, there’s the day Safari, which takes you up from your hotel and returns you there by midnight.

Starting Your Tour

From the moment you’re picked up from your accommodation, the Safari starts. After the cars are picked up, they are brought together at a designated location. Remember that no lone vehicle should attempt to traverse the desert by itself. This is a risky move since the desert is a perilous place to lose, and even the drivers may get lost at times.

The convoy will subsequently go into the desert. The car will move up and down in the dune, which in and of itself is an exhilarating experience. It’s a feeling that can only be felt, not explained. A desert camel farm is likely to be the next stop on their trip. There are also camel rides available if you’d want to get up and personal with a camel.

The next stop on the trip is a Bedouin camp in the desert. This kind of camp is specifically designed to accommodate vacationers, and as a result, it has all of the necessities of a hotel, like bathrooms, power, and phones. Dinner will be provided during your stay at the Bedouin camp, which may last anywhere from two to four hours.

However, soft drinks are completely free, so feel free to consume as much as possible. A popular pastime for female campers is getting their hands painted with Henna. This intrigues ladies from other countries. A picture of you in a hijab might also serve as a reminder. After supper, it’s customary to see belly dancers perform.

Many of the dancers are locals, but there are also belly dancers from Lebanon and India. While on vacation in Dubai, you may learn belly dancing basics by riding a small horse and practicing for a few days. There’s a lot of sex appeal to the belly dance, and it’s likely to excite guests. Most of the women in the group are attractive and fair. I’ve gone on a desert safari a few times before.

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