Planning A Trip To Washington State? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Planning A Trip To Washington State? Don’t Miss These Tips!

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If you are looking to plan a trip that’s anything but ordinary, consider Washington state as your next destination. Known as the evergreen state, Washington has something for every traveler. When you are short on time, you have to prioritize a few things over others. We have a few tips below that may come in handy.

  • Don’t miss Seattle. Seattle is Washington’s ultimate delight, and you have to consider exploring the city and surrounding areas, such as Snohomish County. Seattle is famed for many things, including the Space Needle, The Large Ferris Wheel, and close to the city, at an hour’s drive, is Arlington, which has some good casino resorts. You can check online for great deals on hotels in Washington state.
  • Book everything in advance. If you want to explore Washington state and don’t wish to compromise on your stays and tour options, try and book everything in advance. You can consider check for whale watching tours, and there are free hiking trails all around the state. For cities like Seattle, you can get better prices when you book before arrival.
  • Make the list. While there are many things to see in the state, our quick list would include San Juan Island, Mount Rainier National Park, Snoqualmie Falls, Olympic National Park, and Everett. Keep in mind that you cannot literally cover everything in one trip, so make sure that you plan things accordingly.

  • Explore Olympic National Park. Olympic National Park is among the best places to explore nature in Washington, and it is huge. You can check online for guided trips, or take a car with you and go around the roads. Both ways, you are likely to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, which feel different in every season.
  • Try gambling. Seattle has some really cool casinos, many of which are also resorts. You can find one at Arlington, which is less than an hour’s drive from the city, and there are endless dining and gambling options at these resorts.

If you want to explore further, don’t miss Mount Helens, which is known for the 1980 eruption that caused massive damage. Washington trips often end up to be longer than expected, but even a couple of weeks is not enough to absorb the beauty of the popular places, and the offbeat roads are surprising to say the least. Check online now to find more on deals for hotels in Washington.

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