What you benefit from having dual citizenship in Italy


If you are fond of traveling to Italy frequently, you must have thought of getting dual citizenship. After weighing many factors, you must have found the need to get dual citizenship. How do you do this? Becoming a dual citizen in Italy may not be as simple as it may sound. It consists of lengthy procedures and the signing of many papers. However, Italian dual citizenship benefits are worth the time and struggle. If you have been in a dilemma of whether to get dual citizenship or not, here are amazing things that follow if you do so.

Freedom of Location

One great benefit of Italian dual citizenship is that it gives you the freedom of location. Once you attain citizenship, you can move from Italy to anywhere across the European Union and back freely. You can also relocate to anywhere across the European Union. Nothing feels better than knowing you can choose where you want to reside in another country.

Studies and Work is Made Easier

Once you have dual citizenship, you can study and work legally in Italy and all other countries across the European Union. You also qualify to study and work here without going through lengthy procedures. If you plan to work in Italy, you should work on getting dual citizenship now. This is because the European Union will always consider its citizens first before any other person regarding job opportunities. It is best if you also did this to obtain quality education since the European Union offers beneficial programs to its citizens.

Purchasing is Made Easier

Another benefit of obtaining Italian dual citizenship is purchasing property and other things much more easily. Compared to citizens who do not have dual citizenship, your purchasing process is much shorter without many challenges. You do not need to provide extra documentation to buy something. The exciting news is that after obtaining dual citizenship for the country, you have a chance to enjoy some tax discounts.

A Right to Vote

Whether you reside in Italy or abroad, you have a right to vote in Italian elections. You also have a right to vote in the European Union election, national and local elections. You can also be as active as you want in Italian politics. This is if you want an active role in politics. Note that once you obtain your dual citizenship, you have the right to be treated equally as other citizens.

Minor Children

The exciting thing about obtaining dual citizenship is that if you have any minor children at that time, they are automatically considered citizens of Italy. Any children you have later on are also considered Italian citizens.


Obtaining dual citizenship for Italy saves you from a lot of challenges. This includes being limited to moving around the European Union. This makes it necessary for you to obtain dual citizenship to enjoy all the benefits. This article has provided you with amazing benefits you should consider checking out.

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