4 Incredible Places to Explore in Kerala for a Memorable Trip


Kerala is a wonderful place where the dawn offers charm and mystery and the dusk bids farewell with many of mother nature’s beautiful sounds. There are numerous beautiful sights to explore in the ‘Spice Capital of India’, so you might as well give in to your desire and make those long pending travel plans. Kerala has numerous places that are enjoyable and provide you with the best travel experiences.

If you’re having trouble deciding which places to visit, here is a curated list of incredible destinations that will make your trip full of joy, adventure, and enthusiasm:

  • Bekal

One of the most scenic places you can see in Kerala is Bekal. This small but delightful town has great cultural significance and seamlessly combines the grandeur of the Arabian Sea with rich scenery. Bekal offers the ideal escape from the modern lifestyle, with a pleasant climate and greenery all year round. It also has one of the best 5-star hotels in Kerala, The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal. Encircled by river Nombili the resort features an inner pool that looks out over a white sand beach. It gives guests athletic facilities and personal hot tubs in addition to great hospitality and leisure services.

  • Alleppey

Alappuzha often known as Alleppey is a gorgeous tourist attraction you just cannot miss during your visit to Kerala. Alleppey is renowned for its serene backwaters which are Kerala’s most famous and most searched tourist locations, situated on the shores of the turquoise Vembanad Lake. Explore this oasis by taking a riverboat tour or stay on land to take village strolls, get herbal treatments, and more!

  • Cochin

Cochin also known as Kochi is the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary aspects. This majestic coastal city has been a major tourist destination for a long time. Cochin, a crossroads of several cultures has adopted the modern worldview to be among India’s highly advanced metropolises. It will undoubtedly get you intrigued whether it’s with the spirit of its Dutch institutions, British heritage, Chinese netting or the old spice shops.

  • Kumarakom

Another alluring lakeside location in God’s Own Country, Kerela, is Kumarakom which is graced by the Vembanad Lake’s ethereal beauty. Kumarakom is a favourite destination for all kinds of tourists due to its scenic lake, beautiful palm groves, lush rice paddies, and much more. The best activity in this lovely tourist location is renting a houseboat to go on a tour of the surrounding backwaters.

Now that you have a set itinerary in place, it’s time to visit Kerala which you have been longing to do. These Kerala tourist attractions are a great start for you to plan your trip. When looking for hotels in Kerala, The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal would be the best option. The beautiful destinations of Kerala will not let you down!

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