Everything You Need To Carry While Travelling By Train


Every journey fills our minds with lots of new ideas and memories. There is a lot to say about the destination and the journey. The hustle and bustle of the stations, sight of people being busy with their respective tasks, stations are an excellent opportunity to observe people. In addition, train journeys can be more fun and exciting if you prepare well for them. When you are well-prepared, you have everything planned, and you never get bored. Take a look at some tips that will help you make your next trip to your favorite place even more enjoyable:

  1. Ticket & other documents: Make sure that your tickets and documents, including your Aadhar card, are there with you. Check for them twice before leaving your home. You can check seat availability online and download the ticket from different apps. Soft copies of Aadhar cards and other documents are accepted. It is, however, better to carry a hard copy of all the documents just in case your phone stops working or you encounter some other circumstance.
  1. Charger & Power Banks: You can not miss these essentials. They are must-haves. We may encounter any situation on the train, so we need to stay connected with the rest of the world.
  1. Books: We all have that book that we want to read but fail because of our busy schedules. Train journeys are the best time to read books and grow ourselves in the process. Apart from eating and some rudimentary chores, we allocate the rest of the time to reading books. Books are nurturing and information that helps us broaden our perspectives. You can dedicate all your time to reading, as it is now easy to check train running status online whenever you need.
  1. Diary: When you are on an adventurous journey, you must note down your experience while it’s fresh. Many ideas and musings fill our minds, and even our most profound emotions get triggered during our travels. Jotting them down can be a great idea as we tend to be more creative when exposed to new environments.
  1. Food: Eating pantry food is not always a healthy option. It is better to carry nutritious and hygienic homemade food as we cannot risk falling ill during the journey. However, we can bring food more than two to three times on long trips. Ordering food online is also a good option that we now have. You can use a train app to order food from outside as well.
  1. Mask & Sanitizer: Carrying our masks and sanitizers is a must during the current situation. Traveling is still risky, so taking precautions from our end will place us in a better position. Each IRCTC train is sanitized thoroughly before the journey, yet taking our precautions works best.
  1. Ear Phones: We may have downloaded movies and videos to keep us entertained on our journey. But without earphones, we can’t hear our favorite shows in public. Earphones allow us to hear anything we feel like.
  1. Water Bottle: Although water is available at every railway station, carrying our bottle will help us deal with emergencies. Having water bottles is an environmentally friendly act, as plastic bottles do irreversible harm to the environment.

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