Planning A Trip To Springfield? Here’s A Guide!

Planning A Trip To Springfield? Here’s A Guide!

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Springfield in Massachusetts has been constantly rated among the best places to live in the US, mainly because of its thriving community. If you are a visitor, or are here for work, you should definitely consider exploring this part of the state, which can be quite a thrilling experience. For your stay, check for hotels near MGM Springfield MA, some of which are great for corporate events and luxury accommodation. In this post, we are sharing a quick guide on what should definitely feature on your Springfield wish list.

  • Springfield Armory National Historic Site. The site was open until 1968, but now is a great place for anyone who wants to know more on the history of firearms in the United States. We recommend that you come here with a fair amount of time to explore the exhibits.
  • George Walter Vincent Smith Museum. This is best known as the oldest museum around the Quadrangle. George Walter Vincent Smith was known for his unique collections, and this museum is beyond what standard museums look like. You can also find many metalworks from China, in what can be called an exclusive collection.
  • Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden. If you have always loved the work of Dr. Seuss, this place is a must-visit in Springfield. His daughter created these five bronze sculptures, which are worth capturing in your eyes. You can check online to find more details of this garden, which is also a great place to enjoy the weather.

  • Springfield Science Museum. The Springfield Science Museum is a nice place that was founded early in 20th The construction of the museum is worth your time, and you will find some really amazing models that are worth marveling at. There is a Telegraphone Recorder from the early 1910s that deserves a mention.

Staying in Springfield

Make sure that you explore the best of Springfield by staying close to the city. As we mentioned, there are some really nice hotels, but it is always best to book the space in advance, considering that weekends are usually busy. You can also talk to your hotel to get help on organizing a guided tour, and they can help with car rentals, as well.

Just stay back for a couple of days at the least to make the most of your time in Springfield. We promise that you would want to come back soon, thanks to the amazing people and sights here.

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